Clarification Notice - Fraudulent Practice Print
It has come to our attention that there are recent incidents of fraudulent practice where individuals claiming to be IDD 1507 telemarketing representatives called members of public to promote the IDD 1507 services / products / lucky draw program.

We hereby clarify that those fraudulent calls were not made by or on behalf of ecTelecom and the concerned caller number displays do not belong to our Company. When we contact customers, our caller number display is within the ranges of 3189 5000 – 3189 5999 and 3798 7000 – 3798 7499.

We are deeply concerned with these fraudulent cases and have reported them to the Police cialis canada online. We reserve all legal rights against all parties involved.

Members of the public should be alert to the possibility of similar scams and should always exercise care in giving out personal data and information. For further enquiries, please contact our customer service hotline at 2157 2157.